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Bishop Sycamore To Hire Urban Meyer

Columbus, OH-After a disastrous stint with the Jaguars, Urban Meyer has announced his return to football as head coach of Bishop Sycamore. Urban Meyer cited the competition he would face as a member of the prestigious Online Charter School Football League as a main reason for accepting the offer. "Let's be honest. When the going gets tough the Urban gets going. Which is why I've picked out a league perfect for my skill set that puts me in a position to succeed. By playing in a competition that is severely handicapped in both skill and size. We have 4 other online charter school football teams in the whole country, and my team possesses the skills of the Jacksonville Jaguars, given that they are a group of 19-21 out-of-shape football players. I see a National Championship in our future, perhaps even International". At press time, Trevor Lawrence was seen attending church after an extended absence to thank God for divine intervention.



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