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Bill Belichick Actually Hitler's Son, Satanist, And Serial Rapist Claims New Tell All Book

Foxborough, MA- The latest tell-all book about the Patriots Dynasty and the problems that befell it has revealed in its latest chapter a series of incredibly damning revelations about Bill Belichick. Belichick was apparently operating as the Boston City Killer during his tenure as a Patriot head coach according to the book. For 5 days a week, he had practice and games, but the other two he devoted specifically to serial raping and murdering. The Boston City Killer, who has never been found, struck from 2001 until 2019, and the author cites Bill's lack of murders in recent years as the main reason for their lack of success. The book also revealed Belichick was a Satanist who practiced ritualistic sacrifices of his players by purposely injuring them in exchange for things such as draft picks, wins, Tom Brady, Super Bowl wins, and more. Additionally, the book discovered that a DNA test revealed that Belichick was actually the long-lost son of Hitler himself. Although we here at the Deflatables have done no research to confirm the allegations levied we have done research that we do like money, and nothing brings money in faster than a baseless claim.

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