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"Best We Can Do Is 50$" Says Ravens Head Coach Harbaugh To Lamar Jackson

Baltimore, MD- Lamar Jackson met with head coach John Harbaugh and General Manager Ozzie Newsome to discuss the potential of an contract extension on Monday in an event that proved to be unfruitful. The meeting started with Harbaugh emphasizing how "the analytics" showed they should not sign Lamar, who countered by asking if the analytics were in the room with them. Due to a Roquan Smith contract extension, the Ravens had very little money left, and with Lamar walking out, John Harbaugh made a once in a deal lifetime that few quarterbacks are offered, and even fewer by the Ravens: A 1 year 50$ contract, making Lamar the richest QB of the 1930s. At press time Lamar Jackson was apparently so shocked by the generous offer that he had cut all contact off with the Ravens.



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