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Bengals Fans, Browns Fans, Ravens Fans Unite To Tell Ben Roethlisberger He's Still Got It

Pittsburgh, PA-In a heartwarming moment that you had to see to believe, the AFC North, considered one of the toughest divisions in football, with fans just as tough, has come together for a common cause. Their common cause: convincing the often insecure Ben Roethlisberger he still has gas left in the tank. "Yes, you made mistakes. But you absolutely would have beaten us if not for that drop by Claypool in the fourth quarter", said one Browns Fan. "Sure, we scored 28 points in the first quarter. But how much of that is a reflection of your 3 turnovers? What about your defense? And on the pick 6, Dionte Johnson clearly ran the wrong route, proof you should trade him to us.", said a Bengals Fan. "Ben, I've hated you for many years. But truth be told, with your raw athletic abilities that parallel that of Lamar Jackson, your ceiling is limitless. Who can replace you, your unparalleled stats, and your unparalleled crime record? Certainly not Rudolph", concluded a Raven's fan. At press time, the entire NFL had managed to unite on the single cause of ensuring the Steeler's misery for years to come.

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