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Belichick Reveals Cryogenic Tank Full Of Brady Clones In Case Of Mac Jones Injury

Foxbourgh, NE-With many wondering whether washed veteran Brian Hoyer or unproven rookie Bailey Zappe would start, Belichick revealed he had actually cloned Brady in case of such an event. "We know there was a possibility Mac could be injured, which is why we had this", said Belichick as he pointed at a cryogenic tank with a sign that read "break in case of Mac Jones's injury". "Did you really think I would let Brady live without taking some of his DNA? Hell, AB and even Bledsoe are in the back here somewhere, said Belichick beckoning reporters to go and further explore the underground cloning facilities which stretched several miles. "You wanna know how I got good at coaching and reading defenses and offenses? This is how," said Belichick as he pointed to a dimly lit room with a lamp that appeared to have been used to negotiate clones. Belichick also attempted to claim that his son Steve was the failed product of cloning, but nobody believed him. "I think my favorite memory of this place was when we sent a clone of Aaron Rodgers to go kill Aaron Rodgers before a game. Talk about psyching a guy out! It worked, and we crushed the packers."



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