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As A Fan Of The Jacksonvile Jaguars, You May Be Entitled To Financial Compensation

By Lawyers Representing The Fans

If you've been a fan of the Jaguars for many years you may be entitled to financial compensation. As a fan of the Jaguars, you may have succumbed to both physical and mental injuries. Did you misplace your faith in the Jaguars? Did you suffer great emotional and mental anguish in doing so? Have you ever physically hurt yourself after the Jaguars disappoint once again? Perhaps even considered suicide? Stubbed your toe in rage? Regardless of the range of injuries suffered you may be entitled to financial compensation. The Jaguars have knowingly played poor football, despite promising competent football team after football team, violating several laws with false advertising. They have misled the American people time and time again, and with congress failing to take action, we, the people, must. Warning Labels should have been issued telling viewers the dangers of willingly watching a Jaguars game, or worse endorsing their team, and following them throughout the season. Had these issues been exposed earlier, many Americans would have been saved from a life of die-hard loyalty and Trevor Lawrence would have been saved from his upcoming career of Serfdom. Additionally, given you are willingly rooting for the Jaguars, you may also qualify for the Americans With Disabilities Act as well. My firm has experience with these kinds of lawsuits-just last year we sued the Cleveland Browns and won nearly 27.3 million dollars for my clients. Although we know you can't put a price on the hours wasted watching bad football, we hope the money brings the Jaguar's victims closer to closure.



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