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Approximately 3 People Left On Earth Unaware Of Jeff Wilson's Status As Fantasy Sleeper Of The Year

NFL experts reported last night that of the estimated 7.6 Billion person population, 3 single individuals were not aware that Jeff Wilson is the fantasy sleeper of the year. "Armchair NFL analysts have been incredibly effective this year in spreading the idea that Jeff Wilson Jr is a fantasy sleeper. Not only have they contracted more people than COVID but they have displayed the incredible ability to work it into non-football-related conversations, countries where football doesn't exist, and even reaching undiscovered tribes in the amazon thus covering a greater portion of the world population. For example, one could ask where the coffee is, and the armchair analysts had the incredible ability to somehow work Jeff Wilson into the conversation". At press time, Armchair NFL analysts had begun to make the world aware of the existence of Javonte Williams, who is a "league winner".



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