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Antonio Brown Signed By Mental Asylum

Tampa Bay, FL-The Tampa Bay Mental Asylum for the Criminally Insane announced Tuesday it would be signing Antonio Brown following his release from the Buccaneers. "To have the opportunity to work with someone so talented, and so fucking bat shit crazy is truly an amazing opportunity", said head coach and part time psychiatrist Ben Franks. "Our biggest failure on offense has always been moving the ball. Once our QB takes the snap, he often devolves into eating paste, while the offensive line begins eating feces. Brown presents us the opportunity to get this team back out there, and get the ball rolling", said Franks. "We also hope to help with the whole CTE head injury thing". According to visiting rules, Tom Brady would be allowed to visit him on Wednesdays. Brown would be joining fellow mentally ill athletes Terrell Owens and Ryan Leaf at the facility. At press time it was revealed the agreement was a lifetime contract.



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