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Antonio Brown Asks Interviewer If There Was Anyone Else He Forgot To Disrespect, Degrade, Or Insult

Crazytown, USA-Having already disrespected Head Coach Of the Buccaneers Bruce Arians, His former trainer, and Tom Brady, Antonio Brown asked an interviewer if he had left anyone out from his insane rant that was a result of deep psychosis. "Did I forget anyone else who was a hater?" asked Brown. "Let's see...... I talked about BA, Tom, and the trainer. Did I mention Gronkowski yet? What about Mike Evans? Or Chris Godwin, and how they suck, and I'm better than them both? How could I forget the fans who cheered for me to succeed who were also, somehow, haters themselves? Is there anyone else with whom I have yet to ruin my relationship with?" asked Brown. "Because if there is let me know, and I'll ruin it right here on the spot on request. Did I ever mention Mike Tomlin? I know I talked a lot about Ben and Bell, but I never mentioned coach Mike. Coach Mike hated me cause I was black", said Brown making no note of Tomlins's skin color. "Did I mention Ben and the Rape? He actually raped me in the locker room after we lost in the playoffs". Brown then asked the reporter for his name and then began to make up stories about the reporter to ensure his strategy of no bridge left unburned continued. At press time, Aldon Smith announced he was impressed with Antonio Brown's bridge-burning abilities and looked forward to seeing him as a teammate on the unemployed roster.



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