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Anonymous Source Bets Moron Urban Meyer Couldn't Find Needle In Haystack Much Less Who The Leak Is

Jacksonvile, FL-Our Anonymous source who helped break the news about the toxic environment of the Jaguars lineup has another message for the embattled Urban Meyer, who had said when he finds out who the anonymous source is he plans to fire them. "I dare that shiteater Urban Meyer to find out who I am. He couldn't find a needle in a haystack. Hell, he can't even run a football team correctly, much less his running game. Urban Meyer couldn't discover his marriage was dying. how the hell is he gonna discover me? I'd tell Urban he has much more pressing issues to deal with, say the wasted talent of the No .1 draft pick. PS Lawrence told me he thinks you suck. And your wife said she's getting a divorce". At press time, the anonymous source refused to address allegations he was in fact, Urban Meyer.



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