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Angry New York Giants Fans Rent Out Billboard On John Mara's Forehead Calling Mara A "Coward"

East Rutherford, NJ-Angry with the decision to retain Joe Judge another year, and at John Mara's staff decisions in the past decade, angry New York Giant's fans rented out the billboard on John Mara's forehead, and captioned it "coward" to send a message. "Frankly, this has been a long time coming. it's hard to reach someone like Mara as a common fan, when he lives in an Ivory Tower with his free large sodas", said the lead financer of the operation and hardcore giants fan Earl Witherspoon. "We figured the only way to get the message across was to put it somewhere he looks every day. The mirror. Now anytime, Mara goes to jerk himself off, adjust his toupee and hairline, or make sure his glasses fit, he will be reminded what the fanbase thinks of him". This type of advertising was also used by angry Texans fans who purchased Billboard space on quarterback David Mill's neck. At press time, Mara stated the money he was paid by the billboard company was enough to buy him large sodas for a lifetime.

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