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Andy Reid's Speech Telling Lineman To Imagine Opponents As Steaks Not As Inspiring As He thought

Kansas City, MI- Facing a Chief's team with the offensive line struggling, Andy Reid knew he had to make an inspiring speech. "When I need motivation, this trick has always worked for me. It's simple. I want you to imagine your opponents as beautiful juicy steaks, preferably medium rare", said Reid struggling to contain his slobber and drool. "Dominate your opponents the way one might dominate a steak at the dinner table". At the conclusion of the speech, the locker room remained in silence. "I'm not sure what I did wrong. Maybe forgetting the A1 steak sauce in my analogy is what ultimately lost them", concluded Reid. At press time, Reid said the scenario could always be tweaked to hot dogs, fries, hamburgers, and pizza if need be for more inspiration.



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