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Americans Unite Around Deep Undying Hatred Of Daniel Snyder

Washington, DC-The US is a country divided. Whether it's Liberals vs Conservatives, 49ers vs Seahawks, or Black vs White, many Americans are unable to agree. But today, America stands united in its deep hatred of Dan Snyder. "I don't even follow football and I hate that piece of shit," said one American. "Vote Red. Vote Blue. But whatever you do, don't vote fucking Dan Snyder," said another. Even political Americans were able to champion the cause. "What is happening across the world is horrible. But how can America solve any of those tragic situations when it has failed to remove Daniel Snyder from Washington time and time again? At press time, the ADS (Anti-Daniel Snyder) party had been formed promising to bring an end to his destructive authoritarian rein on the Washington football team and ensuring to take down anyone aligned with him.



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