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Aaron Rodgers Throws 13 times to Aaron Rodgers In Win Over Bears

Greenbay, WI- With the Packers having traded away Davante Adams, failed to capitalize on a WR rich draft and currently failing to replace him despite trades and signings of A list receivers including Tyreek Hill, Devante Parker, Amari Cooper, Allen Robinson, Robert Woods, Aaron Rodgers found himself having Chemistry with none other then Aaron Rodgers. In a single game against the Bears, Rodgers completed passes to Rodgers 13 times. "His hands are incredible," said Rodgers after the game. "He really just has what it takes to make it in this league as a wide receiver. I would also love to hear his takes on Vaccination." One expert offered key analysis on how Rodgers developed chemistry with himself. "It seems he wasn't the favorite child in the family. He was most likely forced to throw the ball to himself in his backyard, which helped him refine these skills into an Art." At press time, Aaron Rodgers demanded a pay raise now that he plays multiple positions, a statement promptly followed by complaining that the Packers never sign anybody.



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