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Aaron Rodgers Thanks Brett Favre For Mentorship On How To Be An Asshole

Greenabay, WI- Aaron Rodgers thanked Brett Favre for his invaluable advice not just on the football field, but off it in his latest press conference, which took place on the Pat MacAfee Show. "No one has been a bigger influence on my choice to be a whiney cry baby bitch than Brett Favre", said Rodgers. "After all, the man invented the diva underperforming yet still hall of fame QB routine. Every time I choose to maybe or maybe not come back, Brett's hands can be seen all over it. My need to publicize my vaccination stance was based in part on Brett's own need to shove his politics down everyone's throat. Every time I underperform in a playoff game, it's because of Brett. Every time I've greatly offended a teammate it's been because of the shitty attitude Brett taught me to use. Every annoying contract negotiation tool I use that helps alienate the fanbase- got that from Brett too. And don't even get me started on how instrumental his teachings have been in my love life. I can only hope that after I retire, I can join Favre in scamming people out of their money". At press time Rodgers said he hoped that these traits of assholery would be passed down to Jordan Love.



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