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Aaron Rodgers Promises Raunchier, Better, More Uncut Feet Photos For 3.99 On New OnlyFans Account

Greenbay, WI- In an attempt to make up for the money Aaron Rodgers lost for violating covid protocols, Rodgers announced he would be giving access to feet pics for 3.99 on his OnlyFans account. Rodgers also mentioned if they could hit 1 million subscribers he would be a Packer for life. "I was shocked by the positive reception to my feet after I displayed my broken toe during the press conference last week. I figured what better way to get back at the Woke Media, then let my fans pay off my covid fine. There is a plethora of disgusting acts the Packers fan base would perform to keep me here for life. Buying feet of my pics is far from the worst option I could have chosen to employ". At press time, Jordan Love had begun to campaign against the evils of pornography, and JuJu Smith Schuster had started his own Only Fans account, with plans to perform nude dances on the opponent's 50-yard lines.



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