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2020 Bruce Arian Warns 2021 Bruce Arians "He Screws Up One More Time, He's Gone"

Tampa Bay, FL-With Antonio Brown Violating several NFL regulations by faking a vaccination card, many are bringing up Bruce Arians 2020 quote that if Brown were to screw up one more time, he would be gone. Among 2021 Bruce Arian's harshest critics are 2020 Bruce Arians. "I made a solemn promise to the American people. Should Antonio Brown pull another Antonio Brown, 2021 Bruce Arians would cut him from the team. Bruce Arians has yet to do that, so I offer him a warning. If he continues to fail to follow through on his word, I, 2020 Bruce Arians. will kill myself thus eliminating 2021 Bruce Arians from the timeline". At press time, 2022 Bruce Arians announced that if Antonio Brown murders one more person, he really will cut him.



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