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Lawrence's Natural Ability to Throw Perfect Interceptions To Cornerbacks Just Can't Be Taught

By Anonymous NFL Scout

Trevor Lawrence has rightly claimed the No.1 prospect for a number of reasons, specifically his ingrained God-given football talents. Although there are many of these key traits, such as his natural eye for interceptions, his butter like fingers, and his ball carrier visions that helped him on gains of 3, and up to 4 yards, the one I would like to focus on is his interceptions. Never before have I seen such raw talent when it comes to throwing a catchable pillow-like ball to the opposing cornerback. This truly is the kind of skill you can't coach- the kind that you are born with. That being said, credit must go to Urban Meyer for building a system that causes plays like that to happen and allows Lawrence to use his God-given abilities for the Jaguars so that he can turn them back into the 5-10 Powerhouse they once were.

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