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Target To Expand Black Friday To Two Day Period, Introduce Black Thursday

New York City, NY-Citing the Holiday's popularity, Target announced it would be expanding Black Friday to a two-day holiday, starting on Thursday instead. "We all know what the month of November is about: Great savings and preparing for Christmas. November is a month best known for its absence of major life-altering holidays save one exception: Black Friday, and we feel as though only taking one day of the month for this amazing holiday isn't fair to the general public or our companies shareholders. That's why we've decided to expand our holiday to Thursday, and have plans in the works for expanding it even further. Imagine, a whole week of Black Friday deals? What about replacing the boring old month of November with a month known solely as Black Friday? Forget Thanksgiving. We should celebrate a real holiday about real Americans coming together to bond over a mutual love of great savings. The possibilities and profits are endless." At press time Target was seen purchasing the rights to the "Target Black Friday Parade".



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