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Mark Zuckerberg Realizes He's Stuck In The Metaverse During Latest Reveal

Silicon Valley, CA-After revealing the latest update on what the Metaverse will look like, Mark Zuckerberg came to a frightening conclusion: He was stuck in the metaverse. Zuckerberg attempted to take his VR set but it wouldn't come off, leading him to realize he was trapped in the metaverse. "Uhhh, guys? Can anyone hear me? I think I'm stuck in the Metaverse. Oh No! I, Mark Zuckerberg, totally sentient human being, am stuck alone on the internet". The Facebook employees had made it known that Mark would not be escaping any time soon unless their wages were somehow raised about 15,000 percent, although Zuckerberg seemed perfectly content to live in the Metaverse. At press time, it was revealed If you die in the Metaverse you die in real life.



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