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Green M&M Revealed To Have Only Fans As Part Of New Inclusive M&M Branding

Hoping to ensure a new wave of progressivism among candies, both chocolate or otherwise, M&M announced its long-time character Green M&M, known for her racy and sexy photoshoots had officially joined the frontlines of candy sex workers. "We are pleased to announce that Green has made an only fans account and that she stands with sex workers everywhere", said the M&M company representative who appeared dressed in a purple suit with a top hat. "If one wants to see the photos, Green is known for in quality HD, unbarred, raw, and uncensored, all one needs to do is sign up for her only fans. And for the low low price of just 8.99$ a month, one can see her doing it with Red, doing it with the anxious Orange, or even Green on Yellow for you freaks out there. And don't even get me started on her bouts with Peanut Butter, Klondikes, and Fudge". The Green M&M gave a statement of her own simply saying "sex work is real work." At press time, the Green M&M had been contacted by Playboy for the February issue.



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