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NFL Announces No Suspension For Watson, Says Playing For Browns Punishment Enough

Cleveland, OH-Having received criticism that they had not done enough to punish Quarterback Deshaun Watson, who currently has 22 pending lawsuits against him for various sexual accusations, the NFL announced Its punishment in a new press conference. "Some have suggested we suspend him for a season. Many suggested an indefinite suspension until the Lawsuits are over. Others a permanent ban from the league. But it's clear the worst punishment of all would be to let Watson play for the Browns", said Commissioner Rodger Goodell. "He'll have to combat the worst fan base of all time, in the worst city of all time. He'll be rocked 4 times a year by the Ravens and Steelers, and another 2 times against the Bengals. If you truly want to torture Watson's mind and body, letting him play for the Browns is the way to do it. What better way to discourage these types of criminal acts by players than sending a clear message: commit a crime, and do the time, with a catch-it won't be in the comforts of federal prison, it will be on the Cleveland Browns." At press time Henry Ruggs requested he be allowed to join the Browns in order to bring closure to the family of the victim he ran over in his Lamborghini.

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