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LA Chargers Now Have More Fans In Their Stadiums This Year With Cardboard Cutouts Then Last Year

We didn't think you'd actually look at the photo and realize this is B.S

LA, CA-With sold-out seats occupied by cardboard cutouts, it's safe to say that LA is back. After years of having low attendance, and the league's 32nd fanbase, the team reported its first sold-out stadium since beginning to operate in LA. The fan's presence didn't just impact the charger's financial situation, it motivated the players. Star receiver Kenan Allen had this to say about the presence of the fans. "The fans in the stadium are cardboard and what that means is when the wind gets going they klack together and honestly the noise they make is probably the loudest reaction I've ever heard from anyone in this stadium". The hype was reflected in the Charger's first four weeks, managing to win one entire game all by themselves. At press time, the Jaguars were heard asking if they can replace their stadium attendees with cardboard cutouts.



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