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Jackson Mahomes Accidently Brings Sean Taylor Back From Dead After Tik Tok Dances Turns Into Séance

Washington, DC-Jackson Mahomes accidently brought Sean Taylor, beloved safety for the Washington Redskins who died in a tragic robbery incident, back to life after an accidental séance. Jackson Mahomes explained the situation, clarifying he only wanted to disrespect the dead, not raise it. Mahomes, who danced on the burial spot and honorary spot for Taylor at the stadium was unaware that the particular dance moves he displayed for Tik Tok were also part of a well known voo-doo ritual for bringing back the dead. This incident marked the second player to come back to life this year, the first being Jack Ham, who came back to life to shut the music off being played during practice for the Steelers. Reportedly, the first words Sean Taylor said upon his resurrection was "Who the hell is the Washington Football Team?". At press time Sean Taylor said with the current state of the world, and the NFL he'd prefer he was dead again.



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